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Professional Bass Fishing Guide Service. Living in the North Alabama Area since the 70's and fishing Lake Guntersville for over 35 years. I have many published fishing articles world wide in magazines, newspapers and on-line magazines. Featured in the October 08 issue of Alabama Out door News. I offer the most comprehensive information for Lake Guntersville, fishing tips, reports, and featured articles.

I challenge you to utilize my Professional Guide Service and compare the knowledge, friendliness and good time on the water to anyone. Pre Tournament Fishing day, I offer the most comprehensive Pre-Tournament trip on Lake Guntersville

Bass Fishing at its best!

Bait & Tackle, Coolers and ice, Instruction, Rods, Safety Gear
In business since:

Professional Bass Fishing Guide Service. Living in the North Alabama Area since the 70's and fishing Lake Guntersville for over 35 years.

What to bring:

A Good Additude, Appropriate Clothing, Beverages, Camera, Comfortable Shoes, Fishing License, Food Supplies, Hat, Lunch, No glass bottles, Non-Marking Sole Shoes, Raingear, Soft soled shoes , Sunglasses, Sunscreen

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20 Feet
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201 Pro XL Elvolution

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Mike Gerry
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Professional Bass Fishing Guide Service. Living in the North Alabama Area since the 70's and fishing Lake Guntersville for over 35 years.

Fishing Spots


Flint River -- Unknown --

Huntsville, AL
United States United States
4 2 2

Guntersville Lake Lake (Freshwater)

Guntersville, AL
United States United States

Madison Lake Lake (Freshwater)

Huntsville, AL
United States United States
11 1 2

Paint Rock River -- Unknown --

Paint Rock, AL
United States United States
2 2

Fishing Reports

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 05.20.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/20/17 There is no doubt that our lake is returning to some of the good times, sure there is some ups and downs but the bass are responding if you’re picking the right areas and making the presentations that are producing; you’re catching fish! Lots of little fish but I view that as a good thing and if the spawn was good this year as last we should be back to some banner years ahead. The presentations we are using is in the 8 to 25 ft....

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 05.14.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/13/17 There is no question that this past week was the best week of the year on the water; size was decent, numbers were excellent and the bass responded to many types of presentations. The even better news in my thoughts was the fact that the number of small fish we caught was very good indicating that maybe the health of the lake has turned a cycle to an upside and we are seeing the return of much better fishing than we have seen in a few years. It&...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 05.07.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 5/6/17 I can’t remember when we had some low 40 degree nights in May before but as they say in North Alabama “if you don’t like the weather today stick around it will be different tomorrow.” The weather change however changed the fish patterns drastically over the week and you had to adjust to catch them. Early in the week we were up shallow in 6 ft. or less of water and by the end of the week we were deeper in 12 ft. or mor...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.29.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/29/17 As has been the case the past few weeks fishing remains very strong as Guntersville seems to be producing very well in this post spawn time frame. I am very happy with the results sure there is a little slow time especially as the sun breaks on the high pressure days. It’s also true that the expectations have to be toned down to what reality is now vs. a few years ago; its strong enough though to be excited and keep most folks coming back...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.23.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/22/17 I am pleasantly pleased to say the fishing has been great we are catching good size and good numbers of post spawn fish and the fun has just begun. The fish are active they have moved to the typical post spawn locations in 10 ft. or less of water and it won’t be long before the ledge bite should follow. Guntersville all though extremely tournament heavy the fish are responding and the fun part of the year is upon us. The week for me wa...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.16.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/15/17 With Easter upon us and the best weather of the spring on our front door the fishing is finally showing some great signs of the best time of year. Yes the fishing picked up at the end of this week to a point where I can honestly say I had my best day of the 2017 year. Not necessarily the number of big fish but the number of good fish. With the lake turning the corner the fish we caught were all inside of 10 ft. in depth the key was just pat...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.09.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/8/17 The front end of last week started out great we were warming up the water temperature was getting right up there where the bass were moving and adjusting to some nearly 70 degree water temperatures; all was well. The Wednesday storm hit the temperature dropped on Thursday, Friday and Saturday mornings to nearly freezing and the week changed drastically for me. We were fishing 4 ft. in to stirring up dirt and mud early in the week then changi...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.01.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/1/17 With the fish basically moving-in in waves for the spawn fishing has gotten easier and add to that shallow water of less than 10 ft. and you are fishing most fisherman’s comfort zone.  There is no doubt that most novice fisherman catch more fish in shallow water than deep. With the spawn upon us for the next few weeks soft plastics like Missile bait D-Bombs D-Stroyers and more are the baits of choice. Their enticing easy to feel a...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 03.25.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/25/17 This past week we saw the biggest improvement of the year, the numbers were good the size was good and the pure opportunities missed or caught improved drastically. This all added up to the best week of the year from a guide perspective, I was able to keep the customer excited and that was a great improvement. The bite went to a strong creature bait type bite with Missile bait D-Bomb being our best bait of the week in that category, it attra...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 03.18.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/18/17 The extreme cold kept me off the water most of this past week, either my customers changed their fishing date or I moved some things around. I guess I am just not as tough as I use to be and being out on the water in 20 degree temperatures with a strong northwest wind is not my thing at least at this point in my fishing career. The last day I was on the water the water temperatures dropped down to the low to mid 50’s so slowing down wa...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 03.12.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/11/17 With the up and down weather, change was constant for me; it went from warm too cold to windy and high pressure as all those elements changed all week long so did the fishing. The thing is this is very typical this time of year so dealing with constant change is something all fisherman in the spring have to deal with; the results is that we had some good days and we struggled some. It appears to me with the constant change there was no real...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 03.05.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 3/4/17 We went from late April type weather back to normal temps with cold nights and 50‘s during the day, that change definitely had some effect on the fishing. I personally worked through the changed and kept in touch with the fish; I believe I was just lucky. It appeared to me that the bass were lethargic early in the day forcing us to slow down and fish Missile bait “48” stick baits and just keep them on the bottom and shake th...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 02.26.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/24/17 After some of the warmest weather for the month of February we have ever seen the fish pulled up into the shallows as if the spawn is upon us. I don’t believe they are ready at least not a big percentage of them; however there are some early spawning fish as there always is every year. I do believe that the next full moon will move us into the first wave of spawning fish. Baits this past week for me were still pretty much reaction type...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 02.19.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/18/17 The up and down weather change with one day being cold and windy the next being warm and rain seems to have affected to a same degree the fishing. We had a day or two where the fishing was good and then the weather would change and the bite would go away with the weather swings. Although this is somewhat common in the winter it appears to me to be more accentuated this winter as the fish acted like they were tied to a light switch this past...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 02.12.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2-11-17 After the FLW left the lake for their next stop, it appears to me that the numbers of fish in the 4 to 6 lb. range is probably down and it will take some time to get us back where we were with solid fish in that range over time.  I am encouraged as I have stated before about the numbers of small fish and hopefully this will help us going forward. The lake is still fishing pretty good for this time of year with the water temperature in...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 02.04.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 2/4/17 With the FLW Tour and some of the best anglers in the world on Lake Guntersville I thought I would give you some facts to digest for the first two days of the tournament. After 3 days of practice one media day and 2 days of fishing the tournament has narrowed the field down to 20 fishermen and the winner will come out of the top 20 anglers. The results for me this past week for my own fishing had some ups and downs, days where the fished move...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.28.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/27/17 Guntersville is gearing up for the FLW Tour which will be on the lake next weekend the first weekend of February. With that in mind my past week tells me there will be some big fish caught, my guess would be a 9 plus pound fish will win the big fish award; the numbers however will be hard to come by. I think the pros will struggle to catch a lot of fish and there will be days when over half the field weighs in just a couple of fish or less. Winn...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.21.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/21/17 I must admit this warming trend has been very unusual even for the deep-south in the middle of January. The water temperatures are in the high 50’s and even some 60 degree water, with all this the bass are fat and looking very much like they could jump on the bed any day. The last time we had this warm of a winter as I recall was 2007 and the grass got so thick in early March that the ability to fish the lake became real limited because of...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.14.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/13/17 On my way to the Huntsville Boat show, so if you’re coming to the show stop by the Dawson Boat Center display and lets catch up! Fishing this week slowed at the beginning of the week as the extreme cold we had for about 6 days straight really slowed the bite; by the end of the week though fishing really turned back on. There has been several really big fish caught this week my biggest was 6.13 but there were several 9’s caught m...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 01.07.17

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 1/7/17 My report will still be somewhat second hand as I spent the holidays over dosing on college football and working to get the little things worked out on my new 2017 Ranger. As always my new Ranger is for sale with a pick up date of November 2017; it’s always sold in February with the pick-up date so if you’re interested we can talk more just let me know. Back to fishing it appears we have seen a big movement to the deeper water as...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 12.18.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12/17/16 It’s hard to believe but the fishing is the best I have seen for the middle of December in many years; the water temps have maintained a reasonable temperature in the mid to high 50’s and made the fish really active. I believe it’s a statement for the future and seeing this early winter activity tells me we are in for a great year in 2017. I used only one type of bait on the water, that was the SPRO Little John XL crank ba...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 12.11.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12/11/16 With 2016 almost in our rear view mirror, Guntersville is giving up some good catches as of late and looking forward into 2017 has been as positive for me as I can remember. The numbers of small fish and solid 3 pound type fish seem to be building and I believe with some normal winter weather we could be looking at a great spring and year. This past week, at least before the extreme cold settled in the numbers were good and the size range...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 12.04.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 12/3/16 With me being in-between boats my report is going to be second hand; I expect my 2017 Ranger boat to be ready no later than this Monday. Fishing however is becoming typical winter type patterns with some big bites, with bites being limited but size being the kicker to a good day.  The fish seem to be in various depths with the bite being deeper early in the day and shallower as the day warms from the December sun. Most folks are fishing...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 07.17.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/16/16 The top water bite really came a long way this past week, the grass is nearly the top of the water level in many areas and this helped improve the bite along the surface. One thing many of us are not aware of is the heat actually helps the top water bite, the sun drives the fish into the grass and the more of them that enter the cooling water under the grass the more competitive they become for that top water lure. The other bite we are sta...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 07.09.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/9/16 The intense heat had  some say-so over the fishing conditions this past week, the fish are migrating to the thick grass and getting them to bite had its challenges. Summer is here and the long dog-days will tighten up the fishing restricting your ability to have great days until we start to see some cooling temperatures. This certainly does not mean you won’t catch fish only that it will get tougher and there will be more tough times t...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 07.02.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 7/2/16 I don’t know if most of you noticed this week but we had a tremendous willow fly hatch on Tuesday night, because of that the bass feed all night and Wednesday was a complete bust with very little activity. Go forward to the rest of the week and it could not have been any better; surprising for sure but the summer as been great so far catching plenty of fish and decent size. My bait choices still have not changed much Picasso buzz baits...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 06.25.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/25/16 With record heat and bright sunny days most of the week, the bite has been surprisingly good, catching great size and good numbers all week long. Had a big fish of 8lbs. 3 oz. this week adding bunches of 3 to 4 pound fish making the week as good as any I have had this year. I have finally found a top water bite I had to move away from the floating grass but when I did the Picasso buzz bait was really productive. My stand by bait Tight-Line...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 06.19.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6-18-16 I experienced a big change from the beginning of the week to the end this past week, early in the week I saw a lot of good activity but as the week progressed they slowed considerably. The difference I also noticed was the intense afternoon heat really warmed the water temperature so I am sure the oxygen level in the morning to the afternoon as well as the progressing temperature over the week had lots to do with that. One thing you can tak...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 06.11.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/11/16 It’s been a different kind of year as the fishing has been better in the months of May and now June than they were in March and April which are generally the best months of the year for me. I believe the onset of the ell grass is changing some of the dynamics of the lake; it’s more prevalent in the lake than ever and I believe it’s causing a pattern change as the fish are just doing different things in terms of patterns that I...

Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 06.05.16

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 6/4/16 There is no doubt that the fishery is having some of the best days and times of the year, yes you still work for your bites and if you swing and miss some your chances get reduced but for the most part fishing is good and we are having enough success every day to make it fun. The bite is changing some, although the Tight-Line swim jig is still producing fish the fish are moving to deeper locations and fishing is more about slow presentations...



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