Palm Beach, Jupiter Florida Fishing Report 05.29.12

Submitted by Phlats Guide Services

Submitted on 05/29/2012
Fishing Spot:
Palm Beach, Jupiter Florida

The summer has arrived and the rains continue , the fish feel the change and have been chewing like pac man. Hope fully mother nature will spare the hurricanes this year we can do with out them.

Snook fishing is unbelievable right now, the sea walls, docks and flats are producing outstanding fish and plenty of them. Top water plugs , jigs, fly and live baits all get the snook excited, schoolie snook are in pods of 10 to 15 primarily near docks. The big female snook are on the prowl and sight fishing has just added more knee shaking excitement into the mix. Low light hours heedon spooks worked slowly create explosive action, the strike scares you no doubt. The inlets and beaches are starting to see good numbers of snook as well, end of June the snook should be all over the local passes and beaches by the hundreds. Average size of the snook has ranged from 5 to 25 pounds.

Tarpon fishing is great typical during the morning and evening hours, top water plugs and live baits worked with the tide bets bet. The tarpon can be finicky do to boat traffic, week days always better fishing, first and last of the tides always best time to target the tarpon. Beach fishing for tarpon is heating up, but the seas have made it tough for flats boats to make the runs offshore. The tarpon are ranging in size from 5 to

100 pounds.

The flats are producing a plethora of catches from snook, trout, drum jacks, snapper and jewfish. Live baits or jigs work great for the flats, I like to chum if possible getting the fish off the bottom and bringing them closer to the boat, this also helps get fish on the fly.

The big jacks are abundant along the seas walls and channels, these fish are very aggressive and will take any live bait in there vicinity. Top water plugs and jigs also get the jacks attention, faster the better and hold on tight these fish make explosive runs. Average fish weighs in at 5 to 20 pounds.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week hope you all enjoyed. Remember you cant catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski,, 5616444371