Lake Worth(Lagoon) Fishing Report 02.28.12

Submitted by Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast Inn

Submitted on 02/28/2012


The Sabal Palm House Bed and Breakfast is located close to many examples of Florida's natural beauty and wild life. Our home overlooks the Snook Islands Natural Area restoration project completed in 2005 which consists of 11 acres of mangroves, 2.2 acres of oyster reefs, 3.8 acres of Spartina grass, and over 60 acres of potential seagrass habitat. The Snook Island project has effectively added 100 acres of good quality wetland habitat to the central part of Lake Worth Lagoon and is improving the poor water quality in this area. Seagrasses are already recruiting in the shallow-water habitat, birds are utilizing the open areas of shoreline and mud flats, and fishermen have reported catching numerous large snook, redfish, snapper, jacks and flounder. We are very excited about the grand opening of the Snook Islands Natural Area Fishing Pier and Boardwalk on February 29, 2012 which will include:

Snook Islands Natural Area

  • A 545-foot boardwalk winding around the southernmost island. A covered observation platform with benches is planned at the end of the boardwalk, creating a spot to watch birds and fish foraging around the mangroves and sea grasses.
  • A 580-foot fishing pier on the north side of the Lake Avenue bridge.
  • A dock that will handle up to eight boats for day use and serve as a water-taxi stop.
  • A floating kayak launch with a drop-off area for loading and unloading canoes and kayaks.

Guest will now be able to take a private guided kayak tour of the islands of the Lake Worth Lagoon Estuary from one to four people with Kayak Lake Worth -- also see some pictures of the our kayak tour. Please click on the The Florida Circumnavigational Saltwater Paddling Trail for more information on seeing Florida by kayak. Learn more at