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Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
Contact Name:
Wilsons Wharf Marina
18 Boatmans Road, Durban Harbour
Durban, KwaZulu-Natal 4000

Durban Deep Sea, Game and Marlin Fishing Charter - South Africa

Exclusive and Personal Charters

One of Durban’s most popular Charter Fishing boats, moored at Wilson’s Wharf Marina in Durban Harbour.

Our Boat has a good reputation and catch rate, with many satisfied and repeat customers.

Our Charter is for those anglers who are seeking an Exclusive Fishing Charter with Personal Attention on a well appointed boat fitted with top class equipment and tackle complete with guiding from a professional specialised angler.

We do not share our bookings which means that you, the angler get to do exactly what you want along with personal assistance and guiding.

We are licensed for 10 passengers and 2 crew, our fishing trips are limited to 8 passengers

We are not the cheapest, our aim is to give you the angler a comfortable, quality fishing experience which offers good value for money on a well equipped and comfortable boat.

Although we mostly get fish on our bookings and sometimes some nice big ones, there is no guarantee of fish, our best efforts are assured at all times. Otherwise we would call it “catching” and not “fishing”, the variables are too many.

Fishing Trips

Marlin & Billfish Fishing
Big Game Fishing
Game Fishing
Deep Sea Fishing
Fly Fishing
Artificial Lure Fishing
Vertical Jigging
Spinning and Lure Casting
Plugging and Popping

Cruises, Trips and Tours

Corporate Charters
Team Building
Nature Tours
Bird Watching Trips
Sunset Cruises
Sunrise Cruises
Harbour Cruises

We support Catch, Photo, Release

Bait & Tackle, Cabins, CD/DVD, Flies and leaders, Fly Fishing, Group Charters, Instruction, Live Bait, Night Fishing, Photos of Your Trip, Rods, Safety Gear, *See Description for Details, Sightseeing, Soft Drinks, Tackle, Terminal tackle, Water
In business since:

With almost 35 years of fishing experience in various disciplines, and a real passion for fishing, Mike represented his Province (Kwa Zulu Natal) for several years in the Fly Fishing Team. Mike was one of the pioneers of Saltwater Fly Fishing in South Africa and started many years ago when people still looked at you in a strange way. Competing in various disciplines including the professional Bass circuit Mike still enjoys his competitive fishing as he says it keeps his edge. Adopting Catch & Release some 20yrs ago Mike has improved this to Catch, Photo, Release which he calls CPR and enforces this on his fishing adventures whilst educating the public on this. With a lot of time spent on the water, Mike has a lot of Knowledge, Skill and Experience to offer in various disciplines, spends well over 200 days a year fishing and is always experimenting, developing, improving and trying new things.

An extremely active and competent angler, a regularly published author in 2 of SA’s leading fishing magazines (BassAfrica & InWater) in addition to some prominent local and international websites. Always offering advice and assistance to fellow anglers, Mike’s real specialties are Saltwater & Freshwater Game Fish, Light Tackle, Artificial Lures and Fly Fishing.

A highly competent and qualified Skipper (Captain) with many years and hours of experience, who loves to share his passion for fishing and nature with others and has an extremely soft spot for Children.

What to bring:

A Good Additude, Appropriate Clothing, Beverages, Camera, Comfortable Shoes, Food Supplies, Hat, Lunch, No glass bottles, Non-Marking Sole Shoes, Soft soled shoes , Sunglasses, Sunscreen

Boat & Equipment Info

Fat Girl
Boat Name:
Fat Girl
32 Feet
No. of engines:
Sport Fisher

Crew Members

Mike Laubscher
Captain/ Owner
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-27-76-2999-445 International

Fishing Spots


Albert Falls Dam Dam

Albert Falls, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
2 4 1 6

Bushmans River River

Mooi River , Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
4 4 1 2

Cape Vidal Harbor (Saltwater)

St. Lucia, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
18 1 2

Durban Harbour Harbor (Saltwater)

Durban, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
57 26 3 8

Goedetrouw Dam (Lake Phobane) Lake (Freshwater)

Eshowe, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
1 6 1 2

Inanda Dam Reservoir

Durban, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
38 2 3 10

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

Durban, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa

Indian Ocean Indian Ocean

Maputo, Maputo
Mozambique Mozambique
8 32 1 6

Indian Ocean Ocean

Chidenguele, Mozambique
South Africa South Africa
2 4 1 6

Kozi Lakes Lake (Saltwater)

Jozini, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
3 6 1 1 2

Lake St. Lucia Lake (Saltwater)

Hluhluwe, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
4 1 2

Midmar Dam Dam

Howick, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
4 10 1 2

Mooi River -- Unknown --

Mooi River , Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
2 4 1 2

Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) Dam

Pongola, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
45 6 3 12

Port St. Johns Basin (Saltwater)

Port St. Johns, Eastern Cape
South Africa South Africa
4 1 2

Richards Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Richards Bay, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
4 22 2 2

Richards Bay Harbour Harbor (Saltwater)

Richards Bay, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
4 1 2

Shelly Beach Beach (Saltwater)

Shelly Beach, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
22 1 2

Sodwana Bay Bay (Saltwater)

Mbazwana, Province of KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
20 1 2

Sterkfontein Dam Dam

Harrismith, Province Orange Free State
South Africa South Africa
16 2 2

Umgeni River -- Unknown --

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
South Africa South Africa
2 4 1 4

Fishing Reports

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 12.09.13

Good Yellowfin in rough seas   We left the harbour at 04h00 into a 25 knot North Easterly wind, although the swells were not that big, it was very choppy. The wind picked up to around 30 knots later on; and then back down to 25 knots. Water was clean but cold at 22.7deg.C. The morning started with a S-N current which swung around to a N-S at around 08h00. For our efforts we were rewarded with 3 good Yellowfin Tuna at 10, 11 & 12Kg Whilst out in the deep we saw some...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 12.01.13

Dorado season starts with a bang   We left the mooring at 05h00 and as we went out of the harbour mouth we started setting our spread, we were busy running out the 3rd line at about 05h30 when the reel of 2nd line we set out went off, this was less than 1km from the harbour mouth and we had our 1st Queen Dorado on board, we reset the spread and carried on out towards deeper waters and we got a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna, by 07h00 we had 5 fish on board. There was a SE wind blo...

Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) Fishing Report 11.27.13

Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip, end November 2013   I drove up to Jozini in the rain yet again, met my clients and we started with and afternoon session, the wind picked up by late afternoon and we only managed 2 Tiger Fish for the session. Thursday was wet and windy and we only found a window of 4 hrs to fish that day, we got our first Tiger on fly and another one. Friday was an awesome day, the weather played along and the fish were biting, we stayed out the whole day to m...

Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) Fishing Report 11.18.13

Jozini Tiger Fishing Trip – Mid November 2013   We left Durban in the early hours of the morning in heavy rain to make our way up to Jozini, and when we got there it was still raining, but at least not heavy like the rain we picked up on the road, we started setting up the campsite in the rain and by the time we had completed the rain had gone and the sun was out, from there on we had mostly blue skies and hot weather over 36deg.C with exception for 1 day which was a litt...

Kozi Lakes Fishing Report 10.30.13

Kosi Bay trip October 2013   The weather did not play along on this trip, we started out fishing in some very heavy rain, and when the rain stopped we had howling North East winds, on the last day we had a howling South West wind. Water temp in the lakes was very cold and the water was crystal clear, with exception of the last day the water got turbid but remained cold. We spent 1 day at the Mouth and the rest of the time was spent dodging rain and fishing in the lakes. We...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 10.19.13

3 Tuna Species in one day off Durban   We launched at 05h00 yesterday hoping to miss out on the rain, however 1 hour out and we got under a rain cloud and got wet anyway. Within the 1st 30min we had a good sized Kawa Kawa on board, and then whilst it was rain we had no action, then after we passed the cloud we got a nice Yellowfin Tuna on board. My original plan was to head North, but I could see heavy rain that side and so we changed course and headed out deep. En Rout...

Goedetrouw Dam (Lake Phobane) Fishing Report 10.14.13

Goedertrouw Dam Bass Fishing Report – October 2013   We fished Goedertrouw from Monday to Friday, the fishing was tough and we fished hard, 1000’s of casts were made and we got some fair results. We made our way up early Monday morning, the weather was extremely hot on Monday and Tuesday, and the fishing was very difficult, on Wednesday Gale Force winds cam up and we had to get off the water at 10am and did not fish the rest of the day. On Thursday it was overca...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 10.03.13

Monster Bonnies off Durban today We went out for a 5hr charter this morning looking for some Yellowfin Tuna, there was a moderate NE wind blowing which later turned into a howling SW wind so the sea was bumpy for the whole trip. Water temperature averaged at 20.7 deg.C. It was not long before we had a triple hook up and chaos took over, and we managed 2 good sized Bonnies 8Kg and 9.5Kg, the 3rd one spat the hooks when it got near the boat. We were still hunting for Tuna and head...

Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) Fishing Report 09.21.13

On the way up I struggled for fuel as all the garages I went to were closed due to the strike, I eventually got fuel and it seem that this fuel was dirty as I was plagued with dirty fuel problems all the way up and back. Once home I had to replace all fuel lines, fuel pump and filter, wash out my fuel tank and clean my carburettors. I also arrived late for our 1st fishing session. On Friday it was stinking hot and over 40deg.C with a very strong NE wind, we managed 5 fish nothing big. F...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 09.29.13

We had 2 trips in the last week, water has been cold and under 21 deg.C. The first trip was out with NE conditions and on Sunday we had overcast SW conditions. Seas have not been pleasant. On the 1st trip we fished for bottom fish and we got Slinger and Soldier bream all size but nothing to right home about.  On Sundays trip we saw some very large Yellowfin Tuna around that I would guess to be in the 50-60Kg range. We had a triple hook up on 15Kg line and got spooled on all 3 lines...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 09.15.13

On Saturday we went out for a 5hr Charter, there was a light SW wind blowing and the sea was pretty flat. Water temperature averaged under 21deg.C. The current was screaming and the barometer was low and falling We trolled up North for Tuna with no luck, and then stopped to do bottom fishing. We caught a fair amount of Slinger, Soldier Bream and Englishmen. We also managed to land a very large Rockod. We also landed a small Blacktip Shark. On Sunday we had an 8hr Charters and the NE...

Pongolapoort Dam (Lake Jozini) Fishing Report 08.18.13

Drove up on Monday to Jozini for a Tiger fishing trip, the water is still very cold but crystal clear and the dam is almost 100% full. Early mornings were very cold but the days were hot, on Monday the wind was howling first NE and the SW, Tuesday was a spectacular day, Wednesday morning was stunning but the afternoon was terrible with a massive SW wind blowing causing very large waves.   Fishing was very hard and over the 2 days I think we only got about 10 fish in total,...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 08.28.12

SATURDAY This was a trip to look for a big Shark, my guest even brought along his own Tiagra 80 to do battle as on a previous trip on another boat he hurt his hands on a big Shark using a KP Reel. We got going before 06h00 and made our way out to sea in very short and choppy waters with a stiff NE breeze. I put  some feathers on to look for some Kawakawa to use as bait for the Shark, and I struggled because all we were getting was Yellowfin Tuna, after landing a few Yellowfin we ev...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 08.18.12

At 04h40 Friday morning I was halfway down to the Marina when my car just stopped working and tries as I did she would not start, it did not help that she was stuck in the middle of a busy road and she is too heavy for me to push alone. I was amazed at how many people hooted at me, pulled signs at me and even slowed down to swear at me, yet not even one person stopped to help or even asked if I was OK, not even one! I was stressed as I could not leave my car where it was, and I had eage...

Durban Harbour Fishing Report 07.25.12

I am always helping out our feathered friends, found this little guy at the Marina this morning, aparantly he was hooked up yesterday and the boat brought him back and left him there. He has no injuries, and I have him at home now feeding on sardines. He is very young and when he is strong I will take him out to sea and release him.     Phone 011 27 76 299 9445 Email

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 07.01.12

We left Durban Harbour at around 06h30 and made our way out to sea. It was an interesting day because it’s the first time I can recall having four winds blowing in one trip with the day starting out with a SW, which then became a North wind and later a NE and by the time we came home it was a NW. Water temp was 22.1Deg.C for most of our trip except in the deep where it dropped by 1Deg.C.   The weather was gorgeous, and the sea was flat making for superb conditions. We mad...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 06.29.12

We launched at 07h00 and as we left the harbour I set a spread and we headed North, the sea was calm with a 2.0m swell at around 16 seconds and a very light SW wind. Water temp was 21.9deg.C   The troll up North only yielded us some small Kawa-kawa, and when we reached our destination we set about doing some bottom fishing. There was no current and the lines went straight down and the boat hardly moved. The wind had shifted now to a light NW. We had lots of bites but kept on mi...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 06.24.12

We left Wilsons Wharf just before 06h00, and made our way out Durban Harbour while it was still dark. It was a cold overcast morning and the SW wind was blowing at a stiff breeze, as we got out of port we were greeted by a pod of friendly Dolphins who swam with us as we made our way towards the bait fish grounds. Water temperature was around 21deg.C most of the day and we also had some spectacular whale sightings. The sea was choppy and the SN current was screaming, but we managed to ge...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 06.20.12

JULY HOLIDAYS ARE UPON US   Greetings to all,   Time flies and we are already in the middle of winter, last summer saw some good fishing with Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and our best fish for the season was a 400lb Blue Marlin caught by Mike from Oman.   With the holidays coming up we will be very busy, so it is recommended that you book your day as soon as possible to...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 06.10.12

With Fat Girls motor now reconditioned, we had three 5hr charters booked for this weekend, 2 for Friday and one for Saturday. It was great to be back on the water and Fat Girl ran well.   It was interesting to see how the water temperature dropped over these 3 trips with Saturday morning giving us readings from 22deg.C up to 23.5deg.C and the afternoon giving us 20deg.C to 21deg.C, by Sunday the readings where from 17deg.C to 21deg.C and we even found a small current with 12.3...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 05.22.12

Win a Marlin / Big Game Fishing off Durban on Fat Girl Blue Water Charters is making 20 discounted Marlin / Big Game trips available for December 2012 - February 2013 Normal price is R7000.00 for an 8hr trip Special price will be R6000.00 for a 10hr trip Including a complimentary Braai / Barbecue at the Marina after the trip. There will be a LUCKY DRAW and one of the 20 trips will be FREE of charge. · Offer is valid until 31st October 2012...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 04.12.12

We got going at 06h00 this morning to give Charlie and Savannah their first deep sea experience. The sea was not so great with the average swell at 2.7m at 9 seconds and the occasional 4.0m ugly’s creeping by, wind swell and current was all in the same direction and for a while we had winds in excess of 20knots blowing.   With the seas not so grand we decided to come back close and fish shallow in the sheltered area. For a short while in the morning we encountered some li...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 03.18.12

We launched at 05h00 today and made our way out of the harbour mouth, dropping lines in the shallows and making our way slowly out deeper, the water in the bay was over 26deg.C and yet as we got out we found the water to be green and only around 24deg.C.   Initially my plan was to head South, but when looking at the dismal water conditions and a rather large swell which looked bigger in the South I decided to head North and we made our way out deep, only at 70m did we find clea...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 02.07.12

I have been running a Fishing College course and today we went out to do some on the water practical, showing the guys how to set spreads, run lures, speed, look for fish, read the water and so on. Again I used Richards (Nikao) boat and he was such an asset to have along and help. Thanks Bud!!!   We launched at 05h00, and the was a light SW wind blowing and so we made our way out, after going through Kona’s, Feathers and then we did Rapala fishing and then a how to run mi...

Indian Ocean Fishing Report 02.07.12

It’s been a while since I have posted a fishing report, and I really missed writing them. I had 2 gents from Oman who asked me to take them out to specifically catch a Marlin, and so I arranged with Richard (Nikao) to use his boat as mine is in between gearboxes this weekend. (Thanks Rich)   So we all met at Wilsons wharf at around 03h45 and by 04h00 we were on our way, it was still dark and I wanted to fish deep so we ran about 26Nm until we were at around 500m depth bef...



Barracuda, Great (Sphyraena barracuda)


Barracuda, Guinean (Sphyraena afra)


Bass, Largemouth (Micropterus salmoides)


Bass, Smallmouth (Micropterus dolomieu)


Bluegill (Lepomis macrochirus)


Bonefish (Albula vulpes)


Bonito, Atlantic (Sarda sarda)


Dolphinfish, Common (Coryphaena hippurus)


Jack, Crevalle (Caranx hippos)


Jack, Yellow (Caranx bartholomaei)


Ladyfish (Elops saurus)


Leerfish (Luchia amia)


Little Tunny (Euthynnus alletteratus)


Lookdown (Selene vomer)


Mackerel, King (Scomberomorous cavalla)


Mackerel, Spanish (Scomberomorous maculatus)


Marlin, Black (Makaira indicus)


Marlin, Blue (Makaira nigricans)


Marlin, Striped (Tetrapturus audax)


Nembwe (Serranochromis robustus jallae)


Permit (Trachinotus falcatus)


Pompano, African (Alectic ciliaris)


Runner, Rainbow (Elagatis bipinnulata)


Sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus)


Shark, Blacktip (Carcharhinus limbatus)


Shark, Bronze Whaler (Carcharhinus brachyurus)


Shark, Dusky (Carcharhinus obscurus)


Shark, Great White (Carcharodon carcharias)


Shark, Thresher (Alopias vulpinus)


Shark, Tiger (Galeocerdo cuvier)




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