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Capt. Zsak
1 day ago (10/19/2014)

Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean (FL) Fishing Report 10.19.14

Fishing Fort Lauderdale on Happy Day Today with Capt. Zsak   Nathan Borror and Ryan Hountz from Atlanta, GA chartered the Topshotfishing team to do some big game deep sea sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale FL.   Winds were out of the west at 7 mph, seas running 2-3 ft, blue skies, and temperature in the high 80's.   Ryan and Nathan are avid fishermen with many years experience fishing all over the country; and their request for today was to catch a Wahoo.&...

Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean Fishing Report 10.19.14

An Up-and-Down Port Canaveral Fishing Report First, upcoming events- -October 25, Mosquito Lagoon Show and Tell Fishing Seminar. Learn more at http://www.spottedtail.com/mosquito-lagoon-show-and-tell-fishing-seminar/ -October 26 Mosquito Lagoon On-the-Water Show and Tell Fishing Seminar, learn more at http://www.spottedtail.com/mosquito-lagoon-on-the-water-show-and-tell-fishing-seminar/ – Only two seats left! A couple weeks ago I wrote...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 10.18.14

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 10/18/14 As the weather goes so goes the fishing this past week, the high pressure days caused long faces and tough times, while the cloudy somewhat sunny days were as good as it gets during the fall. “You should have been here yesterday” cliché never was it as meaningful as the high pressure days were tough and the cloudy partly sunny days were great. This really played havoc as the weather changed from day to day this past week....

Fishing Report: Lake Worth(Lagoon) Fishing Report 10.15.14

The inshore fishing is full of life winds or not, the mullet run is on and anglers can enjoy non stop action. Morning and evening, snook are exploding on top water plugs and live mullet, docks, seawalls and flats all holding snook right now. Night fishing is another option for anglers bridges and dock light provide great areas to target snook, just look for snook lurking in the shadow line, always present you bait in a natural manner.   Tarpon fishing has been steady this past...
6 days ago (10/14/2014)

Fishing Report: East Cape Fishing Report 10.14.14

East Cape - Double your pleasure Since my rant last week SJD airport has opened and even though flights are limited things are getting back to normal on the East Cape.  Hats off to Tim Hodges and his group for sticking with it and working his way through the maze.  The Tim L. Hodges group was on the first plane to land since the storm.  They were greeted with a celebration including mariachis at the airport upon landing. Our weather has been spectacul...
Capt. Matt Ercoli
7 days ago (10/13/2014)

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay Fishing Report 10.13.14

Tampa Bay Oct 13 Fishing Report   I missed a couple weeks as I was out in Montana bow hunting for elk.  Although I did not score on a big bull I sure had a lot fun trying and really enjoyed myself in the fall colored mountains surrounded by nature.  When I returned the fall fishing was is in full swing.   I have said it many times; October is my very favorite time of year.  Everything is biting and the weather is great and that is what I came home to...

Fishing Spot Photo: Titicus Reservoir

North Salem, NY, United States United States
8 days ago

Fishing Spot Photo: Titicus Reservoir

North Salem, NY, United States United States
8 days ago

Fishing Spot Photo: Titicus Reservoir

North Salem, NY, United States United States
8 days ago

Fishing Spot: Titicus Reservoir Reservoir

8 days ago
North Salem, NY
United States United States
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