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Fishing Report: Atlantic Ocean (FL) Fishing Report 04.16.14

Big hammerhead shark caught and released aboard the Big Game The fishing is heating up in Fort Lauderdale this week.  Sharks are snapping in 350ft of water.  Hammerheads, makos and thresher sharks are all out there and moving through in strong numbers.  Head out about a mile and a half offshore, set your baits and wait a bit.  Chum the water and hum the theme to Jaws.  You won’t have to wait too long to get a bite on something that is pro...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.15.14

This post is just to put some more of the pictures that I spoke about in my last post. We are catching fish on pretty much everything we fish and in a variety of depths from 2 to 4 and out to 15 foot. Some days we have caught 40 to 50 fish a day and some days are a little slower with around 20 per day but everyday we have caught some good ones.   I have some days available this month still and some for May if anyone is wanting to get out.   I have had several probl...

Fishing Spot Photo: Anderson Ranch Reservoir

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Boise, ID, United States United States
1 day ago

Guide: Reel Till U Feel Charters

1 day ago
Light Tackle Fishing Charter on Tampa Bay Florida. Reel Till U Feel Charters offers 4, 6 & 8 hour Fishing Charters on Tampa Bay, Which is Florida's largest open-water estuary making it some of Fl...
Tampa, FL, United States United States

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.14.14

The fishing the past few weeks has been really up and down along with the weather. We have had several days where we have caught 40 to 50 fish a day and then the next day we catch 20 or so. With the lack of grass the fish aren’t staying in one place for long periods like years past. We have caught fish on everything we have fished. All plastics, crankbaits, swimbaits, jigs are working and everyday is different on what they want the best. We have had a lot of big fish lately and I have...
2 days ago (04/13/2014)

Fishing Report: East Cape Fishing Report 04.13.14

Very fishy East Cape weather has been picture perfect all week with warm sunny days and little humidity.  It doesn't get any better than what we are getting right now.  Conditions on the Sea of Cortez have also been excellent with calm seas and 75 to 79 degree water temps.  The water is a gorgeous purple blue and loaded with life.  Off shore we are sighting huge schools of flying fish puddling up and lots of bird life.  There are so many sea t...

Fishing Report: Fraser River Fishing Report 04.13.14

Spring time is here in full force and that means great fly fishing on local rivers for Steelhead, Bull trout plus Rainbows and Cutthroat trout.  On local Vancouver area rivers we have been nailing all the above, mostly all by fly fishing. Clients are having a blast! April is a prime time for this fishery as billions of salmon fry migrate downstream towards the open ocean. Bull trout can go to 15 lbs but average 2-4 lbs but we've seen a few in the 7-8 lb range over the last week...

Fishing Report: Guntersville Lake Fishing Report 04.13.14

Fishing Report, Lake Guntersville 4/13/14 This week was the best of the year for me and my customers; we caught plenty of fish, plenty of big fish and experienced solid action all day every day. Size was big, numbers were up and we had some monster bags of 5 well into the 25 lb range several days this week. The kicker for the whole week was we caught fish several different ways, we caught them on SPRO frogs over Asian Primrose weed, Tight-Line jigs with Missile Bait D-Bomb trailers...

Fishing Report: Indian River Lagoon Fishing Report 04.12.14

Another Orlando Area Fishing Report Blog Posts This Week- The Peruke Fly Last Saturday I accompanied my bride to the Home and Garden Show. It was not very good, BUT, there was a booth (the proprietor was not there) that had fish art made from stainless steel, very cool stuff. The artist’s name is Armando Hevia, his website ismetalfish66.com. Check it out. Didn’t fish Monday. Went for a walk on the Florida Trail. it was lovely. However I got about 15 chigger...
Capt. Matt Ercoli
5 days ago (04/11/2014)

Fishing Report: Tampa Bay Fishing Report 04.11.14

Tampa Bay April Fishing Report   Hello everyone, Captain Matt here from Anna Maria Island; Just shooting out a quick fishing report as I wait for the rain to clear so I can get out on the water for the rest of the day.  March was an incredible month of fishing despite up and down weather conditions.  We managed to get out every day and catch lots of fish.  Even on the windy cold days we did well.  I only remember having one really tuff day where we only caug...
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